Adept Camp DAO


AC DAO is getting bootstrapped right now – see Alpha leak page to ape in but here is some very brief points

  • AC DAO (Adept Camp DAO) is on Aragon although we may adopt the systems pioneered by compound (snapshot etc) to in coming weeks. We will continue with Aragon because conviction voting for example is something we are super excited about!
  • We are a DAO that is focused as much on integrating and actually using systems and tools from cryptospace and beyond as we are on buidling them! This is quite a big difference in the context of our Agency and Ventures methodology
  • DAO is the overarching org responsible for AC Agency & AC Ventures
  • AC Agency does client work
  • AC ventures builds & funds projects for the DAO
  • There is lots of synergy between these three entities.
  • Will discuss more asap.
Adept Camp DAO