Adept Camp


jam cash coming really really soon.

Merry Christmas!

Just a note on where we are at. NFT Record Label Project is on pause for a moment while the algo stablecoin project is coming together rapidly now. Major announcements coming soon (not soon™ but actual soon).


We work on projects at the intersections of Open Source/Web3 Agency/Defi experimenting with new mechanisms to align incentives.

We are Bootstrapping an Algo stable coin as a flagship project demonstrating Adept Camp points of difference and methodologies.

We have launched the first piece in the Adept Camp puzzle – Adept Camp DAO!

Lets take a small detour into the overarching vision and some of the values that make the idea of Adept Camp a little unique.


Adept Camp looks to leverage aspects of Defi to recruit good people like you 🙂 into the DAO & reward you for your participation in discovering opportunities that can lead to the launch & sustenance of projects. The projects can be built for the DAO( AC adVentures – for example SAAS Projects ). Or the can be projects for clients ( AC Agency ).

We believe that there is a lot of talent ( Adepts ) that is looking to work in the cryptospace but have yet to find a home so to speak. We will work to create opportunities for lots of skilled people not just devs to get to work in this exciting space.

We will aim to act as a kind of middleware between the massive amount of value in the open source codebases and communities and the real world utilising Defi and crypto projects more broadly to make what was impossible or “to hard” a few years ago a really, soon .

We stand of the shoulders of giants

Our work will be largely based of existing open source projects from inside and outside the cryptospace.

Read more below about our plans to innovate in the space of funding for open source inspired by

Example SAAS Project In The Pipeline For AC Ventures: LMS as a service based on Canvas with Crypto built in for everything from accounts (login with metamask, profiles, etc) payments (obviously), incentives / ecosystem / game theory etc. Targeting the billion dollar e-learning industry. Funded and owned by the DAO AND the students/teachers as OWNERS through the DAO. E-learning systems will also be used to train agency teams (that’s a really important part of agency work!). We look for synergies between AC Agency & Ventures (basically they will be one team in a sense.

Example Client Project For AC Agency: Levering existing codebase and connections in the opensource space we would be able to create custom LMS systems to spec for clients. Again synergies with AC Ventures.

Client projects (AC Agency think something like Raid Guild but not limited to the Cryptospace). An agency OWNED by its clients, team, stakeholders through the DAO!

This theme of ownership by all stakeholders in the system of a particular project to align incentives is one that we are super passionate about. Having seen the way Agency/Client relationships often work out 🙂

Ok Lets go a little further out into the future now….

Imagine a University owned by its students/teachers/admin team/all stake holders! This is what we are building towards with the LMS project mentioned above!

Or a supermarket owned by the shoppers, supply chain partners, administrators ummm all stakeholders. We believe this can be bootstrapped locally! And we want to build and implement the systems (both technical and social) to make it possible.

We want to weave together existing open source projects to make this a reality and reward the buidlers of all projects (think Git Repo contributers & discords Discourse forum participants using sourcecred (and other methods we will develop) along the way.

And rewarding ALL contributors to those projects. Including retrospectively. We will do this using source cred and through direct communication with the dev’s and community of any project that Adept Camp has as a dependency as far as we are capable (since everything depends on everything haha).

WTF?!?! I don’t get it!


OK: Lets take the DAO’s first major project as an example:

an elastic, algorithmic stablecoin that uses in-built
monetary incentives to maintain its peg.

Sounds awesome? Yep it is but we didn’t think of it.

We build of the epic work of Empty Set Squad + Basis Cash

It’s a double fork!

But with a few differences that we think make it worthwhile. The DAO will decide on the details of those differences to a large degree. And we hope to have members of the Empty Set Squad in the DAO and contributing to the project if they choose to do so (we aim to incentivise this through smart airdrops & other mechanisms like Badger DAO).

The idea is to have a “stable coin” that is used for trade/financing/payments within the Adept Camp ecosystem. ie Between Clients/Agency team/Ventures funding in a stable coin. As well as throughout Defi & far beyond in “real world” applications.

Makes sense right? Stable is good for stuff like that 🙂

When we saw the mechanisms behind ESD and the way it functions we see something like the Federal Reserve. We want our own FED governed broadly by the DAO (but still using the governance mechanism in the Empty Set Dollar system) yeah its weird and complicated but we will work out the details as a DAO.

So back to the whole pool #1 thing (you know the one where you don’t have to suffer crippling IL).

This project gives us a chance to test out our project bootstrapping mechanism using Sourcecred.

Come join the Discord and start earning your share in the Adept Camp DAO that will govern all of our projects going forward by participating (Using Sourcecred to give rewards for participation in Discord/discourse/Github).

Oh also there will be an announcement super soon about an AC’s project which is all about ART & Music! Exciting times.


Adept Camp DAO