Adept Camp Agency


Will add a ton of stuff here asap

  • SEO Link-building network on blockchain with oracle (google bombing)
  • Chess app with crypto ecosystem
  • Client projects
  • Crypto version of Freelancer where everyone is on the same team
  • OpenZeppelin for Agency/Client contracts (this is massive Alpha!)
  • LMS system as SAAS and used in house to train team + client projects (there is a whole Slack where we have been working on this).
  • Pioneering a new way to retrospectively reward open source and to fund open source more broadly
  • Incentive alignment systems for ventures
  • Lots of real world applications mashing with crypto (realestate + NFT’s as an example).

This is just some of the stuff that we want to work on. Come join and help build the DAO and work on these projects to earn your share.


Adept Camp DAO