JAM Cash

Primarily the purpose of the JAM protocol is bootstrappable, scalable, reflexive & efficient cash our foundation is Basis Cash source code which is based on the BASIS Cash white paper and the work of the original Basis Cash team. We will achieve this as an open org through collaboration & innovation.

The Vision for JAM Cash!

JAM Cash is built for collaboration & innovation like a JAM session! We intend to attract all kinds of talented individuals to JAM on the protocol & it’s greater ecosystem plus use JAM Cash to foster collaboration & innovation in many ways.

  • Within the JAM community through iteration of the protocol & open org structure & practices based on research, experience & modeling of system dynamics including game theory of the JAM ecosystem (protocol + community & as it fits into DEFI)
  • Between Open source communities & DEFI
  • Between DEFI legos
  • Within Adept Camp as the official stablecoin for all Adept Camp projects & the Adept Camp DAO
  • As a decentralised curator & funder (using treasury) of open source project collaborations in this way we can experiment in creating stability & growth through real use cases (investment in early stage for profit projects).
  • Creation of ASAAS (algo stablecoin as a service) we will help groups/regions bootstrap their own Algo Stable Coins – see regional stablecoins in Basis White Paper
  • Many more

Just ( as in fair* & as in only* 🙂 ) Algo Money

Fair*: Fairest launch so far in defi with our pioneering of soucecred mining (you don’t need money to get JAM – but that doesn’t mean its “money for jam” ie you have to work for it ;). Also fair launch in the sense of no “premine”, no VC’s, and stablecoin farming to bootstrap using many DAO governance tokens to equal the playing field with whales.

Commanded by DAO

Only*: Only Algo money as in that is out focus. With initiatives like

JAM index (Just Algo Money index fund)

JAM Vaults (Just Algo Money Vaults).

JAM DAO (Just Algo Money DAO)